The Nanazulu brand

Nanazulu is the name of a local South African brand, that represents the love for a little boy, born in the province of KwaZulu-Natal, as a grandchild to Tonia Schofield. Tonia, the founder of Nanazulu, is currently employing 5 local women (one fulltime and four on part time basis) in Knysna, South Africa. All products are handmade in South Africa from colourful and vibrant material. The fabrics used to make the Nanazulu Snapbags, Cushion-Covers, etc., are all original African Shweshwe fabrics.

It has a long history in South Africa, having originally been brought in its maiden form - the indigo cloth - to the eastern seaboard before 2400BC. It gained exposure as Shweshwe when a Seaport was established at the Cape of Good Hope in 1652.
Recognised primarily by the indigo hue, the “Tartan of South Africa” is a tried and tested, much loved, and versatile fabric.

With this history, the Shweshwe fabric portrays and supports the Nanazulu brand perfectly - it is bold and bright with more than a touch of class.

Nanazulu is proud of their strong sense of community, which has developed in working with local ladies, designing and producing creative and beautiful products. A spirit of positivity and support has evolved, with strength in compassion, thankfulness and humility. Ubuntu!

Thank you for supporting Nanazulu. Your purchase puts food on the table and keeps the lights on.

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